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Attorney can guarantee no results in any particular case because each case has its own unique characteristics. Just because Mr. Lauer might be able to get charges against one client dismissed, he may not be able to get another client’s charges dismissed for the same reasons.In no manner should this analysis of cases be interpreted as a promise, guarantee, or representation that a client will receive any particular result.

Commonwealth v. F

On January 9, 2008 the defendant was found in a vehicle lodged against a concrete embankment. The police officer showed up at the scene and arrested the defendant. The defendant had a prior DUI and was required to have an interlock system in the vehicle. The defendant was facing at least three (3) months in jail for operating a vehicle without an interlock system.

On April 2, 2009 Attorney Lauer represented the defendant in Cumberland County and was successful in negotiating to have the interlock charge dismissed. Attorney Lauer saved the defendant at least three (3) months in jail.

Commonwealth v. N.

On February 13, 2009, the Defendant was accused of causing damage to his neighbor’s automobile and he was charged with a misdemeanor offense of criminal mischief. Attorney Lauer represented the Defendant in Cumberland County on April 23, 2009 and was successful in having the misdemeanor dismissed and the Defendant pled guilty to a summary citation. The Defendant avoided having a misdemeanor on his record and a one-year period of probation.

Commonwealth v. B

On January 23, 2009 the Defendant was stopped for erratic driving. The Defendant supposedly failed field sobriety test and submitted to a blood test with a result of 0.103%. Attorney Lauer represented the Defendant on May 11, 2009 and was able to get the charges reduced to a summary offense to public drunkenness.

Commonwealth v. W

On April 14, 2009 the defendant was stopped by the State Police in York County. Subsequent to the stop the police learned the defendant had a suspended license for driving under the influence. The defendant was facing at least 60 days in jail.

Attorney Lauer represented the defendant on June 8, 2009 in York County and was successful in getting all the charges dismissed against the defendant.

Commonwealth v. E

The def was stopped for erratic driving in Cumberland County on November 7, 2008. This was the defendant’s third DUI offense within 10 years and a fourth offense overall. The defendant was also charged with driving under suspension DUI related. The defendant was facing a minimum of one year in prison for the DUI and minimum of two (2) months for driving under suspension. Attorney Lauer represented the defendant in Cumberland County Court on June 16, 2009 and worked out a plea agreement with the defendant only received 10 days in jail.

Commonwealth v. O

On December 5, 2008 the defendant was stopped for speeding and it was alleged the defendant was going 76 mph in a 55 mph zone. The defendant had no license in his possession as he had been previously convicted of 21 driving under suspension charges.

The defendant was originally convicted of driving under suspension and given a six (6) month jail sentence by the District Justice. Attorney Lauer appealed the conviction and fought the case in Perry County Court. Attorney Lauer won the speeding citation and the sentence was reduced to 10 days in jail.