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A conviction on a drunk driving charge should be avoided at all costs. The Law Offices of Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. LLC, offers people a fighting chance to beat a DUI charge outright — no jail, no license suspension, no criminal record.

In 33 years of practice, criminal defense lawyer Jr. has represented over 5,000 people accused of driving under the influence. He has a demonstrated record of dismissed charges and victories at trial, and countless examples of negotiated deals that spared clients from the worst consequences.

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Providing Defense Strategies That Fit The Crime

We handle all DUI cases and related matters:

Our goal is to avoid the harsh penalties of a DUI conviction, or at least minimize them.

In addition, we work with many experts in the field who assist us in crafting a strategy to help fight your DUI case.

Poking Holes In The Prosecution’s Case

Mr. Lauer wrote the book “Pennsylvania Drunk Driving Defense” that is used as a manual statewide by law enforcement, prosecutors and other attorneys. He is a board-certified criminal trial lawyer by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and knows the law and how to find the weak links in your drunk driving charge.

First-time offenders may qualify for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD), a diversionary program that can help you avoid jail and reduce the period of license suspension. But it counts as a DUI conviction for future arrests. If you are not eligible for ARD or you wish to fight the charges, our attorneys can explore several viable defenses. With 33 years of experience, we know what works!

Here are just a few of the issues that may aid us in your case:

  • No BAC sample or a BAC of less than .08 — The prosecution has the burden of proving that you were operating a motor vehicle, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. What evidence do they have?
  • BAC of .08 or higher — There are significant scientific and mechanical problems with all forms of chemical and breath testing. Most breath machines assume a 2100-to-1 ratio in converting alcohol in the breath into alcohol in the blood, but every person metabolizes alcohol differently. Furthermore, many breath testing machines assume a 10-point variance between uses. We have successfully questioned the validity of these tests.
  • Testing at the wrong time — Chemical testing will be unreliable if done while you are still actively absorbing alcohol. It takes anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours for complete absorption, and the process can be delayed if food is present in the stomach.
  • Retrograde extrapolation — Essentially, the prosecution must show that you submitted to chemical testing within two hours of driving. Any chemical testing after two hours will be inadmissible.
  • The other sample — If your BAC was measured by a blood test, we have the second sample sent to an independent lab for comparison. What if they don’t match?
  • Accuracy — The prosecution must prove that the chemical testing machines comply with Pennsylvania’s requirements for calibration, maintenance and accuracy. Mr. Lauer’s training in the Intoxilyzer and Data Master Breathalyzers enables him to ask the right questions.
  • Field sobriety tests — Many sober people cannot perform these tests, even while sober. They are notoriously unreliable, and we challenge any arrest or breath test based on our client’s “failure” of an FST.

  • Miranda warnings — Incriminating statements may be suppressed if you were not given the Miranda Warning at the appropriate time.
  • Unlawful stop — An officer must have reasonable suspicion that you have violated a law before performing a traffic stop. If the officer cannot provide articulable reasons as to why he or she pulled you over, then all evidence arising from the unwarranted traffic stop will most likely be suppressed. If the officer does list reasons for pulling you over, we vigorously question each of his or her observations and opinions.

For more information on what exactly a DUI stop entails or what you should be aware of, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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