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Fighting Sex Crime Accusations in Pennsylvania

When a person has been accused of any crime in court, it is a terrible situation, but this is especially the case when the charge is related to a sex offense. These kinds of scenarios are particularly horrendous because even if you are completely innocent, the mere rumor of sexual misconduct is enough to cost your reputation, ruin your profession, and damage your relationships.

No matter if you have been arrested for claims of statutory rape, online solicitation, domestic molestation, or prostitution, your life in the present and in the future is at stake. It is crucial to get in touch with our Cumberland County and Harrisburg sex crime attorneys as soon as possible. You can rely on our tireless team at the Law Offices of Patrick F. Lauer to defend your rights and seek the most favorable solution for your unfortunate circumstances.

What Are the Potential Penalties for Sex Crimes in PA?

Even if the charge for a sexual offense is the first you have ever received, the penalties are always extremely harsh. You might be a young adult or even a minor, but law enforcement officials are ready to give you the highest form of punishment. Sex offense charges almost always include long sentences in jail or prison, as well as steep fines. However, the long-term consequences are very severe as well. You will likely never be able to escape your criminal record, and you will be permanently registered as a sex offender so that this reputation will haunt you for the rest of your life. Moreover, the more serious your charge is, the more likely that your conviction will hold additional forms of prolonged punishment.

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Types of Sexual Offenses That Our Team Represents

In the high-stakes nature of a sexual offense charge, you are going to need to have advocates who are extremely experienced at tackling the kinds of arguments the prosecution will attempt to bring against you.

Our knowledgeable Harrisburg sex crime lawyer has repeatedly succeeded at helping our clients avoid stringent penalties for crimes including:

  • Rape
  • Engaging in child pornography
  • Molesting a child
  • Committing sex crimes online
  • Committing sexual assault
  • Sexting or messaging videos and photographs of a sexual nature
  • Possessing and/or distributing materials of child pornography
  • Committing indecent assault
  • Engaging in prostitution
  • Soliciting a prostitute
  • Committing indecent exposure

Defending Your Freedoms

When it comes to being charged with a sex-related crime, the stakes for your liberty and ability to lead a normal life are extremely high. In order to protect your freedoms, it is essential to start building a defense strategy immediately. You can have full confidence in over 50 years of collected experience from our determined Harrisburg sex crime lawyers. Here at the Law Offices of Patrick F. Lauer, our defense attorneys are devoted to offering you a powerful advocacy to safeguard your rights and help you get back on your feet.

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