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Attorney can guarantee no results in any particular case because each case has its own unique characteristics. Just because Mr. Lauer might be able to get charges against one client dismissed, he may not be able to get another client’s charges dismissed for the same reasons. In no manner should this analysis of cases be interpreted as a promise, guarantee, or representation that a client will receive any particular result.

Commonwealth vs. I

Defendant was charged with a DUI in Juanita County on January 18, 2008. The Defendant was stopped for erratic driving and the Defendant subsequently gave a breath of 0.175%. This was a second offense DUI. Attorney Lauer represented the Defendant in Juanita County on July 8, 2008. Attorney Lauer was successful in getting the DUI dropped and the charges amended to reckless endangerment. The Defendant avoided any license suspension and most importantly kept his CDL license.

Commonwealth vs. B

On or about June 13, 2008 the Defendant was operating his vehicle in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania and it was alleged that the Defendant failed to stop at red light. The police officer smelled the order of alcohol and requested the Defendant to complete field sobriety testing. It was alleged that the Defendant failed the sobriety test and he was arrested. The defendant submitted to a breath test with a blood alcohol result of 0.83%. Attorney Lauer represented the Defendant at a preliminary hearing on August 7, 2008 and the DUI charge was reduced to a summary offense of public drunkenness.

Commonwealth vs. S.

The Defendant was charged with a DUI in Cumberland County on June 28, 2008. The Defendant was in a motorcycle accident and was arrested and provided a breath test result of 0.20%. This was a third offense DUI and the Defendant was looking at receiving a minimum of four months in jail and eight months house arrest as well as an 18 month license suspension and $2,500.00 fine. The Defendant pled guilty to public drunkenness for an agreed upon sentence of 30 days in jail.