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Have You Been Charged with Another Type of Crime?

A Harrisburg Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer With Decades Of Experience Protecting The Rights Of Youths Accused Of Crimes

If your minor child is in trouble with the law, you should know that in some cases, an adult penalty could be applied to him or her if the offense is serious enough. Even if they are adjudicated in the juvenile system, they can be subjected to harsh punishments that can adversely affect their education and their future.  A strong defense should be mounted as soon as possible.

For more than 33 years attorney Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. has defended the rights of teenagers in the juvenile justice system and juveniles and young adults who have been charged as adults and face adult penalties if convicted. In the Harrisburg area, he is your go-to defense attorney, no matter what your child is accused of.

A Criminal Conviction Can Follow Young People For The Rest Of Their Lives

At the Law Offices of Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. LLC, we understand that facing a criminal charge can be difficult and frightening for your son or daughter, yourself and your family.

Mr. Lauer understands your many concerns and questions. He will guide you through the often confusing process, fighting for your youngster’s rights every step of the way. Call 717-985-8595 for a free consultation.

Working For Pennsylvania Families For More Than 30 Years

The lawyers at our firm provide your minor child with the aggressive representation they need to defend their rights and future freedoms from damaging criminal charges that include:

  • Drug possession — Including misdemeanor charges for marijuana or more severe charges for possession of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and prescription drugs
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Sex crimes — Including sexual assault, rape and consensual sex
  • Vandalism and other acts of property damage
  • Underage drinking — Including first-time offenses and driving while under the influence
  • Shoplifting and retail theft

Discover How We Can Help Your Son Or Daughter

Juveniles arrested for serious violent offenses can be tried as adults in Pennsylvania. Minor crimes such as underage drinking are punishable in adult court in the same way as serious traffic violations, with probation and fines. Whatever the charge, your child cannot afford a halfhearted defense.

Contact the Law Offices of Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. LLC, to speak with one of our Harrisburg juvenile criminal defense lawyers today. We will offer you and your child a free initial consultation and maximum availability throughout the legal process. Call 717-985-8595 or send us a message online to schedule an appointment.