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Do Not Fight Your First-Offense DUI Alone

If prosecutors and the courts take drunk driving offenses seriously, so should you. But taking it seriously doesn’t mean handling it by yourself. Many people make this mistake — oftentimes with disastrous results or other consequences they failed to foresee. Only with experienced legal counsel can you hope to avoid a conviction entirely or make the right decisions to limit the impact a first-time DUI can have on your life.

Attorney Jr. has handled more than 5,000 DUI cases spanning his 33-year criminal defense practice in Pennsylvania. He has represented many people like you facing the frightening ordeal of a first-time DUI.

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Our Goal Is To Keep This Off Your Record

DUI convictions carry stiff penalties in Pennsylvania. For a first-offense DUI (General Impairment of .08 to .099 BAC) you can expect a minimum of two days in jail and 12 to 18 months of license suspension. The collateral consequences are also harsh — a criminal record, higher insurance rates, $1,500 in court costs, probation for a year or more, and alcohol classes or treatment.

Most first offenders are eligible for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD). This program avoids a jail sentence and reduces license suspension to 30 days or zero days (depending on your BAC). But an ARD stays on your record — there will be terrible consequences if you are arrested for driving under the influence again, even if that second DUI is 10 years from now.

Before you apply for ARD, let our attorneys examine the facts of your DUI/DWI charge to see if the prosecution has a solid case. If we are successful in challenging the traffic stop, grounds for arrest or chemical test results, the charges are dismissed and your record stays clean.

Mr. Lauer has a track record of results and wins 40 percent of his cases at the preliminary hearing level (compared to the national average of 10 percent). He has also tried more than 220 DUI jury cases.

A DUI Is Serious, But You Have Options. Let Us Explain Yours For Free.

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