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Charged With Homicide In Pennsylvania? Don’t Take Any Chances. Call Our Harrisburg Murder Defense Lawyer.

Facing homicide or manslaughter charges in Pennsylvania is not a situation you want to be in alone. The harsh punishments alone that accompany a conviction are enough to make most people turn to an attorney for help. If you’ve been accused of a violent crime like these, then the defense attorney with the experience and courtroom skills you need is Patrick F. Lauer, Jr.

At the Law Offices of Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. LLC, we aggressively protect the rights of persons arrested for violent crimes both locally and statewide. We have defended full range of cases from involuntary manslaughter to first-degree murder and felony murder. The latter charges carry a mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison without parole, making Pennsylvania one of the harshest states for murder charges, and making it all the more important to have our experienced Harrisburg murder lawyer on your side.

Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. Has Never Lost A Murder Case At Trial. Why?

  • He uses his more than 33 years of trial experiencereputation for results, client commitment, and proven skills at negotiation and litigation to help you avoid conviction.
  • He investigates thoroughly and works hard to hold the state to its burden of proof.
  • Throughout the process, you receive prompt attention to any question or concern.

At our firm, we believe in providing our clients with the best, most appropriate representation for their situation. We want our clients to get the best possible outcome, and we do this by remaining committed to results and protecting our clients’ rights.

Arrested For Homicide? You Can’t Afford A Halfhearted Defense.

Murder charges are categorized as first, second or third degree. First-degree murder occurs when a killing is committed with intent, and is willful, deliberate and premeditated.

Anyone convicted of first-degree murder can be sentenced to life imprisonment or receive the death penalty. Those are the only two options for your future.

We urge you to contact our murder defense lawyer to discuss the murder or manslaughter charges against you.

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