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Facing Charges For Internet Sex Crimes? Trust An Attorney Who Hasn’t Lost At Trial.

Were you investigated and arrested for an Internet sex crime in Pennsylvania, such as solicitation online? If so, you need a strong defense strategy in place right away to protect your rights and future freedoms from a damaging conviction. The right person for the job is Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. Jr. in Camp Hill.

At the Law Offices of Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. LLC, we recognize that state law enforcement and the courts are arresting, convicting and punishing people for computer sex crimes now more than ever — offenses such as online solicitation, predatory behavior and child pornography.

An Experienced Harrisburg Internet Sex Crimes Lawyer

Our team of defense lawyers know what you’re up against and how to counter prosecution efforts to convict you by bringing in-depth investigations by technology experts to your side. Mr. Lauer has more than 33 years of experience handling criminal cases and has never lost a sex crime case at trial during the more than 200 jury trials he has handled. He is also certified as a criminal trial specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

If local police or a government agency is investigating your online activity and is accusing you of a sex crime, your interests should be safeguarded immediately, whether or not you did anything illegal. Innocent people are often wrongfully convicted due to a computer glitch or simple misunderstanding.

With so much at stake — a prison term, heavy fines, a criminal record and sex offender registration among them — you cannot afford a halfhearted defense. Call 717-985-8595. Your initial consultation is free of charge.

Don’t Plead Guilty To An Internet Sex Crime — Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. Can Help

Only quality defense representation can help you avoid conviction for an Internet sex crime such as:

  • Use of the Internet to solicit a minor
  • Use of the Internet to distribute sexually explicit subject matter to minors or featuring minors
  • Use of the Internet to produce, traffic in or possess child pornography
  • Sexual assault or attempted sexual assault of a minor contacted online

Put Our Board-Certified Attorney On Your Side

If you believe that your arrest for soliciting an undercover police officer posing as a minor was the result of entrapment, you have rights that must be protected. We urge you not to speak with law enforcement until you have met with Mr. Lauer.

Contact the Law Offices of Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. LLC, to discuss the details of your case with an attorney in a free initial consultation. To make an appointment, contact our Camp Hill office 24/7 by phone at  717-985-8595 or by email.