Have You Been Charged with a DUI?

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Why Should You Hire Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. Jr.?

At the Law Offices of Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. LLC, we have been representing clients facing DUI/DWI arrests for more than 33 years. It is critical to involve a criminal defense attorney in your case as quickly as possible to minimize your consequences and possibly have your charges dismissed.

Attorney Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. Jr. has a demonstrated record of dismissed charges and victories at trial, and countless examples of negotiated deals that spared clients from the worst consequences. He knows how to build a strong case and handle any challenge.

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Experience Is Critical When You Face A DUI That Could Change Your Life

An experienced DUI attorney is an integral part of your criminal defense following a DUI/DWI arrest. At the Law Offices of Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. LLC, our team can help you prevent many of the consequences a DUI comes with, including:

  • License suspension and revocation
  • Jail time
  • Large fines
  • Community service
  • Probation
  • Increased insurance rates

There is no substitute for experience. We have handled thousands of DUI/DWI arrest cases and fought for many clients’ rights. We can answer any questions you may have regarding the DUI process, your DWI arrest and all other topics related to your criminal defense.

Put Experience In Your Corner With Our Proven Lawyer

Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. Jr. is board-certified as a criminal trial lawyer by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. He has significant training in DUI defense and a proven record of favorable results in DUI cases. You can rely on his knowledge and sophisticated techniques to build a solid case in order to best protect your rights in court.

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