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How can DUI charges impact college students?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | DUI

College students in Pennsylvania often experience many new things in these years. This leads to many valuable life experiences. Unfortunately, it also leads to mistakes.

Today we will look at the mistakes related to DUIs. Some college students do not take DUI charges seriously. But they should. A DUI conviction can alter the course of your college career.

Colleges cut financial support after DUI

The College Investor looks at the long-lasting impact of DUI convictions for college students. First, a DUI conviction may affect your ability to continue attending college. How? A college can choose to expel students with DUI convictions on record. That does not happen often, though. It is more common for a college to pull its financial support. What does this look like? It can come in the form of a college retracting financial aid. They may boot you out of scholarship programs.

A college can also remove you from campus. You may still attend the school, but you must find housing elsewhere. Of course, the price of off-campus housing is quite high. The student’s finances and college location may make affording off-campus housing hard.

License suspension and your college career

Finally, a DUI conviction may interfere with your ability to advance your career. Having a DUI conviction often results in a license suspension or revocation. This means you cannot drive freely. Some colleges do not have good public transport. This makes it difficult to follow up on job opportunities. You may have trouble expanding contacts and attending career events.

Due to these factors, you should face a DUI conviction with care. Doing so could protect your college career.

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