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What does drug cultivation entail?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2020 | blog

Drug Cultivation Charges

Although not as often mentioned when discussing the matter, drug cultivation can be just as serious a charge as any other drug crime. 

However, this may lead to some confusion over what constitutes both manufacturing and cultivation of illegal substances. 


Cultivation refers to the process of making or growing illegal drugs. This term focuses on any part of the process, such as the equipment or items needed, along with the actual chemical materials used to make the final product. 

Often, officials finding an item related to drug-making in your possession may lead to a felony. However, just the device or apparatus alone may not lead to a charge right away. 


One of the most important elements in any drug case is the ability to show the intended to use of a substance. This requires evidence, such as the ingredients used to make the drugs. Officials may find this equipment in your house or car, or even elsewhere on your property. However, just these items alone are not enough to build a case against you. 

Some special circumstances apply when the ingredients are associated with other legal substances. For example, cough medicine or other chemical substances that have multiple medical uses do not count as illegal drugs unless you consumed or transformed them in illegal ways. 

Unique circumstances 

In recent years, rules about marijuana cultivation in particular have changed. Although it was once illegal in all states, some individual states now allow a certain amount of the plant to be grown for medicinal use or for recreation. In this instance, federal laws may still apply if you exceed the limit for amount of plants grown. 

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