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Motorists must exercise special caution in roadway work zones

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | blog

Construction work zones often greet motorists traveling across the Pennsylvania roadway system. The state’s Department of Transportation cautions drivers that special laws govern driving safety in work zones. 

We have helped motorists manage the consequences of traffic violations. 

Watch for signs in posted work zones 

If you are driving through a work zone and see a sign that directs you to turn on your headlights, you must comply. This sign is not a suggestion. Even if your car has daytime running lights, you must turn on your headlights so that your taillights light up. 

When you travel through an interstate work zone with a project cost greater than $300,000, monitoring equipment will advise you of your speed as you enter the construction area. 

Violations in active work zones may trigger extraordinary penalties 

White lights on “Active Work Zone When Flashing” signs will flash to alert drivers when they are entering a zone where workers are present. If you are traveling through an active zone at excessive speeds, you may lose your license for up to 15 days. Circumstances that may trigger this license suspension include incidents where you drive 11 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit or you end up in an accident in which a court convicts you for failure to drive at a safe speed. 

You may also face double traffic fines for speeding, not obeying traffic devices or driving under the influence in an active work zone. For a homicide conviction arising from a vehicle crash in an active work zone, your sentence may include up to five years of additional jail time. 

Traffic violations that result in jail time may appear in a criminal background check. Our website has more information about the potential consequences of traffic offenses. 

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