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Can a DUI conviction ruin your chances in college?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | DUI

Pennsylvania college students may not know how to handle a first-time DUI charge. Some do not take it seriously. They do not think a DUI charge is anything to worry about. But a charge can lead to a conviction. If you face conviction of a DUI crime, the penalty may be bigger than you think.

Today we will look at how DUI related consequences are so harsh and widespread. We will examine the impact these consequences can have on your life.

The financial impact of a DUI

The College Investor says DUI convictions have the potential to ruin a college career. First, it can affect your scholarships or financial aid. The police report DUI convictions to your college. Through there, it is up to the college to decide how to handle you. Some colleges withdraw scholarships or other forms of financial support. Other colleges may ban you from on-campus housing. If you do not have the money for an apartment, this may make it impossible for you to continue attendance. In severe cases, colleges have even expelled students for DUI related convictions.

DUI consequences follow you after college

But a DUI conviction may impact you even outside of college. What if you are trying to graduate and find a job that involves a commercial vehicle license? This may be all but impossible. Those with DUI convictions cannot get a commercial driver’s license. Any existing license may have restrictions placed on it. The court may even revoke them.

Even if you have no plans to become a driver, a DUI conviction may still impact your chances of getting hired. Some fields disqualify anyone with a DUI on record. This includes teaching jobs or government positions. Other fields do not give priority to people with convictions. This is important to keep in mind. In knowing the consequences, you can react in an appropriate way.

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