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What is a drug court?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2020 | blog

A drug court is a special court that hears drug-related cases. If you find yourself in this type of court, then you need to understand what makes it special. It is not like a traditional court. While you do face criminal charges, it is possible to leave the court without any criminal conviction, even if you are guilty, by completing the requirements set by the court. 

According to the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania, the ultimate goal of a drug court is to help you overcome your addiction and avoid future criminal issues. The courts focus on helping you rather than punishing you while also balancing some supervision during the process to protect the community. 


Through the drug court, you will attend treatment services. These may include a range of activities that aim to help you overcome your addiction and treat underlying issues that led to your addiction. Counseling and other treatment services are mandatory as part of your sentence in drug court. You also get quite a bit of support throughout the process from various members of the court to help you stay on track with the program. 


You will enter monitoring while under the drug court’s guidance. Intensive supervision requires you to report to a probation officer or other law enforcement during the course of your sentence. While under supervision, you will take drug tests. You will also periodically report to the court and to attend hearings. If you fail to comply with the orders of the drug court, then your case moves to a traditional court and your case continues as normal with the outcome likely being a criminal conviction. 

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