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The good moral character requirement for a teaching license

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | blog

Becoming a teacher is an honorable career move. However, to be a teacher in Pennsylvania, you must get a teaching license. This requires undergoing a review of not only your education and training but also your personal background. The Department of Education explains that an important part of getting a license is passing the standard of good moral character. 

GMC is about being an upstanding person. The process will investigate your past and look for situations where you may not have been of good moral character. The Department will review your background carefully and consider circumstances and how they relate to who you are today. However, criminal activity will often raise a red flag during the review of your application and require further investigation for GMC. 

Rehabilitative effort 

The Department will look at whether you have undergone any type of rehabilitation efforts. For example, if you have a history of drug-related charges, then you should have a history of going to rehab and working to become sober. It will also look into statements from your previous probation or parole officer as to what he or she feels about you and your rehabilitation efforts. 

Your attitude 

The Department will also want to know your feelings about your past. It will expect to see that you took responsibility for your actions and accept that they were not of good moral character. It will want to see that you are remorseful and committed to not allowing a repeat of the situation. 

Type of conduct 

The type of criminal charge you have will also play a large role in the Department’s consideration when it comes to licensing. Anything involving sexual crimes, abuse or violence will get more attention and investigation. The Department will consider the circumstances and evidence in the case, along with factors such as your age at the time and repeat offenses. 

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