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New Pennsylvania bill aims to legalize recreational marijuana use

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2020 | blog

While medical marijuana has been legal in Pennsylvania since 2016, recreational marijuana use is still considered a drug crime in the commonwealth and can go on offender’s records as a felony. A new bill introduced into the House of Representatives proposes to change that, however, with the introduction of House Bill 2050. 

While Pennsylvania has seen other recreational marijuana bills proposed to legislation before, House Bill 2050 has some distinct differences from its predecessors. According to ABC27News, this bill aims to make the recreational marijuana business accessible to businesses by lowering permit and initial application fees. 

House Bill 2050 also includes different taxes depending on the nature of the sale. Business to business sales would see a tax of 10% while consumers would see an initial tax rate of 6%. Consumer tax rates will increase to 20% over the first four years of legalization.  The taxes would funnel into services such as after school programs and student loan reimbursement. 

The democratic representative who proposed the bill believes that recreational marijuana use is long overdue in the state. He believes that the people of Pennsylvania have made it clear that they are ready to engage in the legalization of recreational marijuana and that proponents of the bill are doing their state a disservice by voting against the bill. 

People who find themselves charged with a felony related to the recreational use of marijuana may find it helpful to talk with an attorney. With the ever-changing laws surrounding medical and recreational marijuana use, an experienced attorney can explain how the current legislation relates to his or her case. 

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