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Collision with police leads to drug, weapons charges

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | DUI

Authorities arrested a 42-year-old man in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, for DUI after he reportedly struck a marked police vehicle. He also faces charges related to firearms not to be carried without a license following the alleged revocation of his Permit to Carry.

Law enforcement in Manheim Township report that the car in question was responding to a call for backup on a nonemergency traffic stop on Lititz Pike early Thursday morning. After the police car arrived at the scene of the traffic stop, the other vehicle reportedly collided with the side of the marked police car after the driver had allegedly been following it. There has been no report of injury, although both vehicles reportedly sustained damage.

Authorities conducted a search after the driver told them that he was carrying a firearm. They found a handgun in his waistband that was fully loaded. It appears that at one point the man had a Permit to Carry but, following revocation for unknown reasons, it was no longer valid. Law enforcement administered a blood alcohol test demonstrating a BAC of 0.118% after the driver admitted to consuming alcohol and the officers observed signs of impairment.

At this point, no information is available as to whether the driver is still in custody, nor is it clear what consequences he could face if convicted. Nevertheless, colliding with a law enforcement vehicle while allegedly under the influence could have consequences that are especially negative. It may be prudent for those facing DUI charges to contact a criminal defense attorney in the interest of defending their rights.

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