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Is an addictive drug causing problems in your life?

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There is definitely a major drug epidemic in Pennsylvania. In fact, you might say that certain drugs are problematic throughout the nation. Some drugs are more addictive than others. If you have ever suffered a muscle strain or other injury that caused chronic pain, your doctor may have diagnosed a pain relief medication that is among the types of drug most prone to addiction.

Perhaps you are currently battling a substance abuse problem. If so, you are definitely not alone in your struggle, as data from a single year shows that as many as 21 million people in the United States, ages 12 and beyond, have experienced similar challenges in their lives. Drugs can not only cause mental and physical health problems but legal trouble as well, in which case, it is critical that you know where to seek support.

Highly addictive substances

Do you know that upwards of $600 billion per year is the amount of expenses and economic loss generated in the U.S. from drug abuse problems? The drug addiction disease often begins with one or more of the following drugs:

  • Cocaine comes from coca plants. Intense feelings of pleasure, as a side effect, attract people to this drug.
  • Many people binge on cocaine similar to binge drinking alcohol. This means they take back-to-back doses to stay high.
  • If you try to stop using cocaine once you are addicted, you may suffer serious depression and other withdrawal issues.
  • Heroin is another drug that ranks high for potential addiction.
  • Two of the most addictive substances in Pennsylvania and other states are nicotine and alcohol.

While no police officer is going to pull you over for smoking a cigarette (although doing so while driving is known to be a risk for distracted driving collision), drinking alcohol and then getting behind the wheel is a whole other story, one that can land you behind bars. In fact, every drug listed here has the potential to cause serious legal problems in your life.

Laying the groundwork for recovery

Thousands of people in Pennsylvania and beyond reach out for support every day to help them kick their drug habits and overcome legal obstacles that arise because of drug activity in their lives. Facing a DUI or drug charges doesn’t necessarily have to ruin your life; you may be able to avoid conviction and take steps toward a healthier, more stable future.

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