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Getting back to work with an occupational limited license

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2023 | blog, Criminal Defense

After a license suspension, it can quickly seem like your life is spiraling out of control. Do not let the process intimidate you. Delaying appropriate action for any reason is often an excellent way to make these temporary inconveniences into enduring problems.

One option that could be available to you is the Pennsylvania occupational limited license. This could be of immense benefit in the pursuit of getting you back to work, getting the medical care you need or staying in school.

Do not put the cart ahead of the horse

It is generally a good idea to take initiative, but impatience, lack of preparation or submitting sloppy applications could set your efforts back considerably. For example, you would have to get the paperwork related to the following issues out of the way before the Commonwealth could process your application:

  • Restoration fees
  • Cancellations
  • License restoration
  • Jail time

You would also probably need to provide proof that your suspension is only a term suspension. To do that, you might need to request a specific piece of paperwork. There is a process for everything.

Busy officials appreciate precise applications

If you are eligible for an occupational limited license, it usually makes sense to do everything correctly the first time you apply. Believe it or not, most of the people who work in Pennsylvania’s various bureaucracies want legitimate applications to succeed.

Submitting all of the requisite paperwork makes their jobs easier and has the potential to put an occupational limited license in your hands faster. In other words, attention to detail is often the best chance you have to get back on the road.

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