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Older adults and drunk driving charges

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2019 | DUI

Many people think of younger drivers when they try to imagine the typical person who is pulled over for DUI. That said, drivers of various age groups are taken into custody for driving drunk, and the charges can be very serious regardless of one’s age. In fact, an increasing number of older adults are being pulled over for suspected drunk driving, and there are even various age-related issues which could increase their chances of being stopped by a law enforcement official.

Our law firm realizes that there are various reasons why older adults may face DUI charges, even if they are good people who are committed to obeying the laws. Sometimes, older adults are falsely accused of DUI, or their case is not handled in an appropriate manner. Breathalyzer tests may not be conducted properly and a law enforcement official may not realize that there is some other reason why they failed a breath test.

Moreover, some people accidentally drive drunk, such as people who did not realize they were over the legal limit. For an older adult, these charges can be damaging for a host of reasons. Their reputation may be at stake and their loved ones may view them differently. Moreover, the penalties and other consequences associated with these charges can make life very tough, especially for people who are dealing with other major hurdles (such as serious health problems, intense physical pain and so on). Furthermore, if you have a loved one who is facing drunk driving charges as an older adult, you should try to help them work through their case and understand the legal options that they may have.

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