Pennsylvania Intensifies Its “Move Over Law”

If you drive in Pennsylvania, you probably know that you are supposed to move over or slow down for emergencies and broken-down vehicles on the side of the road. On April 27, 2021, however, this law will be expanded, and violations will come with more serious consequences.

Senate Bill 1281 amends Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, also known as the “Move Over Law.”

Now, drivers who fail to move over or reduce their speed to at least 20 miles-per-hour below the posted speed limit will face:

  • 2 points on their license.
  • Fines from $500 for first-time offenders to $2,000 for third or subsequent offenses.
  • 90-day license suspensions (in certain situations).
  • Additional fines of up to $10,000 for violators who injure or kill an emergency service responder or an individual in or near a disabled vehicle.
  • Double fines for traffic violations within an emergency response area.

If you see an emergency response area or any situation in which “an emergency vehicle has its lights flashing, or where road crews or emergency responders have lighted flares, posted signs, or try to warn travelers,” move over as soon as you can do so safely.

If merging is unsafe, make sure to slow down 20 mph or more, or you could be hit with hefty fines and other punishments.

What If I Forget to Move Over?

Senate Bill 1281 goes into effect on April 27, 2021. If you get pulled over or fined after this time, you will need to contact an attorney immediately.

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