Have A CDL? A License Suspension Could End Your Career. Fight It.

Under Pennsylvania law, your commercial driver's license can be suspended for one year if you are convicted of DUI — even if you were driving your personal vehicle when arrested.

At the Law Offices of Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. LLC, we understand that your livelihood is in jeopardy. Our attorneys have 33 years of experience and notable results in DUI (DWI) defense, including many truck drivers, chauffeurs and other clients who risked losing a CDL license.

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Your CDL Can Be Suspended For One Year For A DUI In Your Private Car

If you were off-duty in your own vehicle, the normal threshold of .08 BAC (blood-alcohol content) applies. If you were driving a commercial motor vehicle at the time of your traffic stop, DUI is charged at a lower level of .04 BAC.

If you were driving your own car and it is your first offense of driving under the influence, your personal Pennsylvania driver's license may be suspended for only 30 days. But your CDL license would still be suspended for one year, with no chance of obtaining an Occupational Limited License (OLL).

A second DUI conviction within 10 years (on duty or off duty) results in a lifetime CDL revocation, ending your truck driving career.

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Criminal defense lawyer Patrick Lauer is a Board-Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and has handled over 5,000 DUI cases, including 200 jury trials. He attacks every aspect of the prosecution's case to get charges dismissed:

  • Lack of probable cause for the traffic stop
  • Reliance on field sobriety tests as a basis for arrest
  • Violations of your constitutional rights
  • Issues surrounding the administration and chain of custody of the blood, breath or urine sample
  • Independent testing of the second sample

Mr. Lauer has an impressive rate of success at the preliminary hearing stage. But if he is not able to get your case thrown out, he will explore plea negotiations with prosecutors to prevent the nightmare scenario of a conviction and CDL suspension. If necessary, he is fully prepared to take your case to trial and make the state prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

With your current and future employment at stake, you cannot afford to hire a less experienced DUI lawyer. Call a law firm that gives you at least a fighting chance of retaining your CDL at 866-794-0873 or complete a form online.